Why so pink?

Yeah, I might’ve gone overboard a bit with this, but bear with me. I love pink but am a redhead so it doesn’t look great on me. Years ago, I carried a pink purse and accessorized with pink. Now, I’m starting to wear it more; I don’t care if it’s not the best color with my haircolor! And I have a little boy at home (who I do dress in pink shirts!) but the house is generally pink-free <sigh> so I had to get my pink on with the app.

Also, I feel like so many of the apps that are out there are clearly designed for men by men (or for boys by boys!). I wanted to clearly telegraph that we are making apps FOR women BY women. We use our phones the most, dammit. Time to have some tools for us!

How do I delete an entry?

Go to the home screen where you see the list of names of people you’ve met. Click the edit button and you’ll see some minus signs appear. Simply delete the people you no longer want to have listed. (Maybe you got to know them better and moved them to your address book. Or maybe they said something awful to your kid and you decided you wanted to forget their name forever. Whatever! It’s up to you who stays and who goes!)

What’s coming up in future updates?

A friend asked me what happens when she knows someone well enough to get their phone number or email address. So we’re looking at a couple of things: 1) we could add those fields but my thinking is if you know them well enough to get that info, you’re going to put them in your address book; 2) add an export function that allows you to easily port those entries over to your address book. I’m leaning towards #2 right now and Brian (my developer) is looking into it.
Another friend asked me to put a field in there for pets’ names. She is so right about this and we have planned this for a future update! If you think of something you’d like me to add, just let me know!
And we’re working on a version for Android. Whew!

I have a question that’s not covered here. How do I reach you?

Easy peasy: Tweet me here or email me at namebuddyapp at gmail dot com.

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