About The Developer

This is my first app but not my first time developing technology. Way back before Facebook existed, I was part of a start-up called SuperGroups that launched a group of social network sites (rated by PC Magazine as one of their top 100 sites); needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway), we were a few years ahead of our time. Before my dot com days, I worked in television. I remember working for a FOX affiliate when we only programmed one night a week – WAY before “The Simpsons” put FOX on the map. Fun times.

I’m married and a mom now (I had a baby at 43!) and have owned my own marketing business since 2000.

NameBuddy came about because I was fooling around in the app store and frustrated by how few apps were designed for women. I’d scan the top-paying apps and see things that tether my phone to my computer (huh?) or turn my phone into a laptop (no thank you) but not many apps that did the things I regularly use my phone for. I decided to create some apps. I used Warren Buffet’s methodology (“invest in what you know”) to design apps to solve problems I have – the stuff I know, in other words.

I was at the playground with my husband and son and I told my husband I wanted to stay in the car and brainstorm some ideas while they played. I pulled out a little notebook and came up with about 20 app ideas, and buried in that brain dump was NameBuddy.

I ran some of those ideas by a few friends and they all wanted Name Buddy first. I still plan to develop some of the other ideas, but we’re going to start with this one. I need and appreciate your help, feedback, suggestions, etc. Email me directly: namebuddyapp at gmail dot com.

I hope NameBuddy is a useful mobile app. I designed it for busy moms (is there a mom who isn’t busy?) to help them keep track of all the other parents they run into in the neighborhood, at school, at the park, etc. My husband is always asking me questions like, “what is Austin’s mom’s name again? I just saw them when were on a walk,” and I’m sorry, but I am not the best with names. I used to take notes on my phone – which is one way to keep track – but you can’t organize or search those notes very easily. So I decided to create NameBuddy. It sort of bridges the gap between a note and a full contact management system. I figure if you know someone well enough to get their phone number, you’re probably going to remember their name. This app is for all the people you know on a first name only basis and would like to keep better track of.

So that’s the story. I plan to tell more details (like just how did I find a developer and create this thing) on the blog. I’m looking forward to hearing your stories, too!

Take care,

Sherean M. Allen

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