About Name Buddy

Never forget a name again! NameBuddy is designed to help you keep track of all the people you meet in the neighborhood, at the park, at school, swim class, soccer, etc. You know the ones you see over and over and cannot remember their first names? Or you remember their kids’ name (that’s Daniel’s mom!) only?

 To use NameBuddy, all you need is a first name. Next time you run into your neighbors three doors down whose name you always forget, just put their name in NameBuddy and select “neighborhood” as the place you met and you’ll always be able to recall who they are. You can type notes in the note field so by all means, scribble down their hair color, what you talked about, etc.

 We tried to keep this app SUPER SIMPLE and EASY TO USE. Each NameBuddy record contains fields for the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name (optional)
  • Where You Met (pull down menu is pre-populated with the following, AND you can add your own)
    • Business
    • Church
    • School
    • Sports/rec
    • Neighborhood
    • Park
    • Grocery/Retail store
    • Salon/spa/nails
    • Restaurant
    • Add your own category
  • Spouse’s Name (if you know it and well, if they’re married)
  • Kids’ Names (if they have them)
  • Notes (put in details like hair color, weight – just kidding, stuff you talked about: anything to help jog your memory)
  • Search – search by first name, kids’ name, place you met, date

What you won’t see: email, phone numbers and a bunch of extra fields. I figure if you know someone well enough to get their phone number, you’re going to put them in your phone’s contact database. NameBuddy is for the folks you know casually in and around the neighborhood – the ones you know primarily by their first name only!

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  2. i have one of this frinds

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